It is a brand of classic, timeless, and simplistic beauty that fits a wide range of women, appealing to a chic, sophisticated mind and body.  Established in 1991, Kleen is based and designed in the United States and their beautiful fabrics are sourced from all over the world. 

Flax began as Angelheart Designs in the 1980’s in an old dairy barn outside of Ithaca, New York.  All their clothes are made of lovely medium and light linen.  Their clothes fit real women, comfortably and with style.  Stitched to every label is an affirmation message inspired by customers and employees!

Elegant, timeless styles are easy to wear and come in rich seasonal colors.  Fridaze cares deeply about the integrity and construction of their products all finished with French seams.  Every piece is handcrafted of exquisite high thread count wrinkle resistant linen in a variety of colors.  Their linen is comfortable and presents a smooth appearance all day long.  It’s great for travel and daily life.  It is machine washable and dryable and maintains its smoothness and beauty wash after wash!

Comfort and elegance is their philosophy and they bring a lifestyle in the form of apparel.  They thrive on making clothing that is comfortable to wear at home and elegant to wear to work and other occasions.  They use natural fibers that are soft and pleasing to the skin, offering only the finest blends.  Their clothes are of superior quality all made here in the USA.

Most of our designers have been with us for over 10 years.  Their products and designs all take into account casual comfortable style while using beautiful natural fabrics that make you feel good and look good.   Read about some of our designers:

Fat Hat has been around for 35 years in Quechee, Vermont.  Their journey began as an adventure and started on a whim by a single mom.  They began by making hats and from there moved on to the beautiful unique clothes they have today.  They are known around the country for their easy, comfy clothing that “loves you just the way you are” - all made in the USA.

Beyond Threads was established by local designer Cristina Dioguardi in 1992.  It was Inspired by the love for her native country, Peru.  Over the years, the vision grew into a strong commitment to creating unique designs and high quality garments by combining Peruvian craftsmanship and contemporary styling.  The factories develop garments from the finest alpaca, pima cotton, and other natural fibers; these precious fibers are prized for their luxurious feel and lightweight warmth.  Every facet of production is carefully considered, from dyeing the yarn to selecting beautiful buttons. Master artisans are employed at every stage in the manufacturing process, and many garments require hand-finishing. The resulting quality is a hallmark of Beyond Threads’ garments and their original "timeless classic" designs. 

Asian Eye offers a beautiful array of scarves.  It was started by a wise wonderful woman who fell in love with the beautiful, traditional textiles and techniques still alive today in India.  She worked to revitalize these techniques and keep these fragile arts from extinction by supporting highly skilled craftspeople.  Asian Eye is headquartered in Anacortes, Washington. 

 Types of scarves we carry:

• Bandhani – tie-dyed one dot at time made from pure silk
• Hand Block Printing – made from hand-carved blocks with a repeating motif of cotton or silk
• Ikat – an indigenous weaving style where the dye is applied before the fabric is woven
• Khadi – Cotton, silk or wool made from a hand-operated spinning wheel then woven on a hand-operated loom to make cloth.
• Kantha – A folk-art embroidery technique that encompasses elaborate folk motifs that tell a story depicting hunting, farming and dancing, to elaborate florals, animal and bird scenes and complex geometrics
• Neptul Tie-Dye – fine silk or cotton fabric where the maker uses a sponge to apply three colors or procion dyes in alternating stripes. 

Elegant classic styles that celebrate the female figure in “one size fits the most” sizing.  They are designed and dyed in Los Angeles, California.  The fabric is hand-woven, natural Moroccan cotton, called Sousdi.  This fabric holds vibrant color and has the resilience of a woven and the sensuous drape of a jersey knit.

Our Designers


The name “Cut Loose” is figurative, inviting you to have fun dressing in a relaxed style, with a bit of individuality.  Their garments are sewn and dyed in San Francisco, California.  They are known for their fabrics, flattering fit, and colors.   Their fit is described as “implied shape” meaning the shape of the body is implied in a flattering way.  Their clothes skim the body for a fluid silhouette.  Their garments simultaneously flatter the figure and allow room to really move. 

Exquisite one of a kind clothing made in San Diego, California.  Beautiful flowy styles that drape your body in splendor.  It is made of a textured silk that washes (100% washable) and wears beautifully. 

Extraordinary Japanese inspired silhouettes featuring hand woven fabrics, muted palettes, easy fit for a range of sizes.  In short, the perfect accent piece in any woman’s wardrobe.  The designer, Yasuko, lives in Portland, Oregon.  Her clothes are designed with five principles in mind:  natural fibers, health, comfort, aesthetics and design.  The fabrics are hand-woven and hand-spun. 
A fun fact for you, the Yasuko Kurisaka “Cathy” jacket is named after one of our employees!!!  No joke, ask us about the coat and the story next time you are in the store.

Yala was established in 1987 by two English teachers living and working in Fujian, China.  From all that traveling and sleeping on beds without sheets or mattresses, they came up with Dreamsacks.  But now, many years and many creations, later they are also manufacturing clothes.  They use wonderful luxurious fabrics made of bamboo to create clothes you can really live your life in.  Their headquarters is now in Ashland, Oregon.

Baggallini was founded in 1995 by two flight attendants because they wanted a travel companion, something stylish with plenty of pockets to help them move from place to place.  It is now twenty years later and the bags they created are still working hard for the everyday traveler.  Their bags are beautifully organized and with distinctive color palettes to help their owners move from place to place. 

Habitat clothes are designed to move you comfortably and stylishly through every part of your life grounded on contemporary styling for real women living real lives.  From the office, to dinner with friends, book club to college reunion, their clothes are the ones you can truly live in made of timeless fabrics, colors and shapes.  They can be dressed up or down, accessorized or stand on their own. 

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